Football Fan

A gift made for real football fans. What’s better than enjoying nice snacks while watching a game? A variety of sweet and salty snacks. A stress ball for when the tension is unbearable and last but not least a customised mug where you can pour your favourite drink in.




Enjoy our ‘Football Fan’ gift box while watching football with friends and family! 

This box contains:

  • Customised mug with ‘I love football’
  • Extra crunchy Cocho balls
  • Popcorn bowl
  • Oreo cookies
  • Oven baked salty crackers
  • Tomato oregano bread sticks 
  • Maltesers 
  • Mistercorn america with sweet carolina sauce 
  • Real milk chocolate biscuits 
  • Extra crunchy spicy cheese flavour potatoes chips 
  • Mixed fried and baked snack products with barbecue sauce and cheese flavours.
  • Matchbal shaped Baked snack with cheese flavour 
  • Microwave popcorn 
  • Anti-stress football 
  • Pencil witch a football eraser  
  • Football pen


Note: Some individual items may differ from photos, similar products will be provided.

This box originates from Spain


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