Christmas spirit

We present our Christmas Box filled with a delicious variety of chocolate delights that will make your heart sing with joy. Chocolate, chocolates, cocoa and much more! This Christmas Box is the best gift for yourself, your loved ones or anyone who appreciates the good things in life. Make this holiday season unforgettable with a box filled with the warmth and joy of Christmas. Discover the magic and create precious moments. Don’t miss the sweetest Christmas gift of the year! 🙂


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Are you ready to enjoy the sweetest season of the year? The Christmas spirit is here and we have the perfect way to make your holidays even more special. This beautiful Christmas box contains:

Chocolate La Casa Crispy nougat
Colacao, cocoa powder
Caja Roja assortment of chocolates
Chocolate truffles
Blueberry filled chocolates
Ferrero Rocher chocalate bombom
Chocolate Lind Milk
Chocolate Lind black chocolate
Christmas balls
Inés Rosales Typical sweets from Andalusia



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