This gift box will make all the difference whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, getting over a bad day, or just want to pamper yourself. Delight your friends, family or just yourself with this variety of delicious snacks, both sweet and savoury.





Surprise your friend with our ‘Indulgent’ gift box! 

This box contains:

  • Pringles original flavour 
  • Crunchy chocolate bar 
  • Candy mix with fruit flavours 
  • Principe cookies with chocolate filling 
  • Crispy breadsticks
  • Delicious pâté selection
  • Iberian sausage 225Gr 
  • Smarties 
  • Kitkat Crunchy
  • Tuc Oven baked Salty crackers
  • Fini white chocolate flavour cereal 
  • Crunchy XXl maiz 


Note: Some individual items may differ from photos, similar products will be provided.

This box originates from Spain


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