Vegan Snack

Fabulous vegan snacks are locked away in our Vegan Snack Box – which one will be your favourite? From pecans and macadamia nuts, organic Medina raisins, olives, to Vita Snack fruit crunch and much, much more! A dietary preference doesn’t mean fewer options, this selection is packed with delicious variety!




Enjoy our ‘Vegan Snack’ even if you aren’t living a vegan lifestyle you will like these vegan snacks!

This box contains:

  • Vita snack apple
  • Vita snack fresa con choc
  • Fini gourmet candy fruits
  • Olives
  • Olives
  • Ines rosales
  • Macadamia ecological
  • Raisins ecological
  • Pecan nut ecological
  • Pate tomato

Note: Some individual items may differ from photos, similar products will be provided.

This box originates from Spain


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